Logic 2.3.34 - No more interactive measurement


Nice to see new releases are rolling out. However, I am facing an issue with Logic 2.3.34.

With 2.3.33, hovering a signal showed some statistics.

It is no longer the case with 2.3.34…

…although the contextual menu has Show interactive measurement turned on.

Is there a new parameter to set up?

Thank you and best regards,

Thanks for catching this!! Here is a great example of why we shouldn’t release updates on Friday nights.

I’ve fixed the issue and we should be able to release it tomorrow (Monday) with 2.3.35.

Thanks again @rei_vilo, and the 5 or so others who reported this over the weekend!

In the meantime I’ve turned off auto-updates for 2.3.34, and will update the remaining download locations.


You’re welcome! The real risk of releasing a new version on Friday is that it is going to be used intensively during the week-end!

As you see, the Saleae logic analyser is used for advanced measurements.

I’ll try new release 2.3.35.