I2S - Error: bits don't divide evenly between subframes - option not found

Im using Model: “Logic” (first series) with Logic 2 v.2.4.4 and get the Error: “bits don’t divide evenly between subframes” by probing a PCM5102 DAC.
I2S / PCM Analyzer - User Guide says “Change the I2S/PCM Analyzer setting to “Data is valid and should be read on the CLOCK rising edge.””
But I dont find the option “Data is valid …” in the I2S/PCM feature window!?

@wk1 Sorry for the trouble with this! It looks like the instructions we provided on that support article was out of date. I just updated the support article. Can you let me know if that answers it for you?

Thank you very much for the quick response. Incident is fixed.

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