Hide channel feature

We work with Logic 2 v2.2.18 and it works very well, no glitch up to now.
BUT I found that we cannot HIDE lines in the display, which is very annoying for example if one uses 12 lines(channels) as data for a parallel analyzer, those 12 channels do not mean anything but still take precious space on the screen.
When will this useful HIDE feature be available again, as it was on the Logic 1 versions?

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But, Logic 2 only shows channels you enabled. If you don’t want to see them why don’t you just not enable them?

EDIT: Oh, you mean you are using the channels but you want to hide them anyway? Seems strange to me but I guess I don’t know of any way to do that.

One really good reason for hiding channels may be that you have an analyzer such as SPI or I2C that uses multiple lines so you want to hide the boring lines and just view the analyzer output.

As a general thing hiding stuff you aren’t interested in makes it easier to focus on the stuff you are interested in.

This is a feature that really appeals to me if done so that I can hide/show data in a capture without losing the capture. I’m always fighting for screen real estate even with two large monitors. Hiding and showing channels as my interest changes while I’m squeezing the juice from a capture is very compelling!

@anduss90 it should be pretty easy to add that but I’m not sure when we’ll have the time unfortunately, hopefully next quarter.
In the meantime, you can vote for it on our feature requests board: https://ideas.saleae.com/b/feature-requests/option-to-hide-channels-after-recording/

We’re glad to hear that the app works very well :slight_smile:

But that feature was present in the previous version…

Why remove (or not re-implement) an useful feature? :wink:



I don’t have to vote for something that I posted!

Bizarre concept, that!


There are many useful features for only some of the people, and not enough engineers to build everything at once. We have to prioritize :slight_smile:

Efficiency and look though…


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I agree. We’re doing our best or at least trying to :slight_smile: