Generating BubbleText for a specific channel - example?


I’m developing an LLA for an in-house application requiring multiple channels and need to display BubbleText over each channel (I’m using Logic2).

I’ve configured each channel to receive BubbleText using AddChannelBubblesWillAppearOn() but all this seems to do is display the same text on each of the channels set to display BubbleText.

I haven’t figured out how to (and haven’t found any examples of) creating BubbleText for a specific channel…

Is it necessary to create a frame based on the channel to which the BubbleText is to be added…?

Is there an article or code example available that would illustrate the procedure?

Thanks for your help!


Have you looked at:

… which is the source code for the Saleae SPI Analyzer and includes bubble text for both MOSI and MISO channels? See SpiAnalyzerResults::GenerateBubbleText in the SpiAnalyzerResults.cpp source file for an example of how Saleae did it using the channel parameter and frame.mData1 vs. frame.mData2 for the output text string.

Finally, see Mark’s response on this thread:

… for more insight on packing data and some technical limitations of the original frame design.

If you need to display bubble text on more than two channels and can’t pack the data into the existing frame data fields mentioned above, then it gets more complicated and not sure that generating multiple frames for the same time window is the best method (or even allowed).