Generate a True Table Output format like cvs

Hi !
I would like to reverse a Old PAL chipset so to do this, I will capture all Input and Output of each PAL16L8 pin.
I would like to save it in ‘true table’ format.
So, for example like :
1101010 : 1011
1101011 : 1001
1101100 : 1001


Thks a lot

@giants92 In case you’re working with a CLK signal, our Simple Parallel analyzer might be able to help with this.

  • Do you currently own a Saleae Logic, or are you planning on purchasing one for this project? If you already own one, which Saleae Logic model do you own? (
  • Can you explain your desired table format in more detail?
  • How many input and output signals are you looking at simultaneously? If I understand your truth table format correctly, you want to look at 7 inputs and 4 outputs simultaneously, is that correct?

#Do you currently own a Saleae Logic…
Already bought long time ago : 2x 8 ways and 1x16 ways

#Can you explain your desired table format in more detail
More detail…No, I don’t know which details you want ?
In need Input and Output nothing else
The whole must be separated by a single character (it doesn’t matter)
So… a csv file :slight_smile:

#How many input and output signals are you looking at simultaneously
No matter, it depends on the internal configuration of the PAL16L8

A ‘true table’ term is not correct I think.
I will just capture WHEN the chip will be use ces entrées et sorties.
They are not CLK signal on PAL16L8
And they are a propagation time between the moment when the input goes to 1 and the output goes to 1.
Ex : 2 inputs, 1 output
0,1,0 ← the second input goes to 1 but, at this moment, the PAL chipset haven’t had time to work on these equations yet
0,1,1 ← next capture, the PAL chipset had time to work on these equations and the output change to 1

Of course, I ONLY need this second capture.

@giants92 Thanks for sharing those added details! Yes, it looks like your desired output format is possible. Here is a quick example of 5 rows of a csv export file (16 digital channels enabled).


The first column is the timestamp, and anytime a change in state occurs on any of the input channels, a new row is generated with a new timestamp that corresponds to when the output change occurs.

I’ve provided instructions for exporting data in the support article below:

With this configuration, you can simultaneously capture data on 8 inputs and 8 outputs of the PAL16L8 and export that data in the format shown above.

Thks it’s working.

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