Create a 'wav' with boolean of captured data

Hi !

i captured some data of PAL16L8 chipset.
For simple example :
D0 = PAL_Pin1, D1 = PAL_Pin2, D2 = PAL_Pin3, D4= PAL_pin4 (all this pin on the chipset are ‘Input’ for information)
D10 = PAL_Pin12 (output)

For this example, the PAL16L8 chipset are some boolean matrice to create a OUPUT on PAL_pin 2
Example : /PAL_Pin12 = (/D2 & D3)

So, I see on my captured screen the result of the ‘internal equation’ of this PAL16L8
I would like to create automaticly, with extension i think, (below my capture data on screen), a NEW data_line completly created with a Boolean than I enter.

Ex : /DX (virtual) : = (/D0 & /D2)
so… with this ‘new line’, I can see IF the equation that have enter is THE SAME of the original Output (pin 12 on my example)
And of course, on my example, is NOT the same

I will just create with photoshop a example of what I want.

With this new extension I could create a virtual ‘Data’ and check easier, on screen, IF the equation that have enter give me the same result of my capture data.

Thanks for letting us know your requirements! We’ve had several requests for this feature and we’re currently tracking all interest in it in the feature request post below:

I added a comment and vote for you as well so we can remember your need for it for now. Unfortunately, we don’t have a feature like this at the moment, nor do we have it on our roadmap right now, but this is absolutely a great idea.