Generate a new channel based on data from other channels

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I’m recording the PWM signal sent to a stepper motor controller.

In this implementation, PWM duty cycle remains stable at ~50% but frequency changes from 127 to 500 Hz. Channel 0 captures steps and Channel 1 the direction.

I would like to display the frequency in an additional channel, for example as an analog measure just below. How to perform that?

Below is a mock-up with Frequency (Hz) corresponding to Channel 0.

I’ve recorded the trace: Session 0 - PWM.sal (28.4 KB)

Similar question if frequency remains constant but duty cycle changes.

Thank you!


I would absolutely love to see this type of capability too. An analog-ish ‘psudo-waveform’ showing RC-servo angles over time, for example. Or PWM duty cycle corresponding to motor power, etc. etc. Super super useful.

I’ve created the idea Turn PWM metrics into additional channel.

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There are other ideas on there. One of which I made. The general idea is that it’d be nice if one could take data from one or more existing channels and turn that into data for a generated channel. Most of us wanted to go the other way from what you want. As in, maybe take an analog signal and turn it into a digital signal with hysteresis. But, I think the general idea is still the same - take data from one place, transform it, place it in a new channel. So, my recommendation would be for Saleae to make a generic interface for data transforming that allows people to generate new channel data.


@Collin Yes, you are right. I like the idea of a broader implementation.

So I’ve changed the title of the thread from Turn PWM metrics into additional channel to Generate a new channel based on data from other channels.

I hope the new title reflects the general idea better.

the opening post just provided an example based on a real case. I went through the list of ideas but didn’t find a suitable entry so I added mine.

@joe_garrison @markgarrison @rani This means the Logic software would have now three kinds of channels:

  • logic, the historic foundation of Saleae,
  • analog, introduced with the + series of analysers,
  • virtual or calculated —whatever catchy name for marketing!—, based on data from other existing channels, to prepare the future.