Can I use an extension to mark a waveform?

I am working with PWM for motor control, where the PWM duty cycle will vary sinusoidally.

I would like to visualize the duty cycle variation in the Logic waveform display. So that I would see the sine wave overlayed the PWM waveform, or possible displayed below it.

I could write such an extension if possible. From a quick look so far at the extension documentation, I don’t see a way to annotate the waveform or create a new one for display. Is this possible?

And/or does somethink like this already exist?


@hoobay4231 This is a great idea and use case! Unfortunately, this is not readily possible by our Logic 2 app, and our extensions don’t have a way of “drawing” virtual waveforms. Regardless, this is a highly requested feature! We’re tracking interest in this in the feature request post below:

I’ve gone ahead and added a comment and vote for you to track your need for this as well. Apologies we don’t have an immediate solution for you right now.