I don’t have too much knowledge and maybe is not necessary, but, It seems that the quantity of decoder on sigrok is way bigger than on the Saleae.
I have 16 PRO which works really good for capturing but when going to decode seems very limited the options
If I go to sigrok , it show much more decoder but, the capture don’t seems so good, and even using on MacOS is a nightmare (no signature on the app, hangs, etc).
So I tried to capture on Saleae export and import on sigrok, but I didn’t found how
if exported as .csv , sigrok import as one sample per line, what is not true, because the export is as “saved each change” what means each line is generated once the change happens and not in the sample
if exported as .bin it generate on file per signal (D0, D1, D2, etc), and sigrok expect 1 single file for all signals … in this case on the import sigrok has the option to choose “saved at changed” … it works. I imported one Signal and it was OK, but of course when I go to the other file it overwrite the first signal, so only import one signal per file
Like I said I don’t have too much knowledge and maybe it simplest than that and I’m missing something
I appreciate any suggestion

@easfreitas We don’t design our export files to import natively into Sigrok, but hopefully we can help out with getting something working from within our Logic 2 app. Can you let me know a little more about the decoding options that you require?

Thanks Tim. As always you helping, I appreciate that
For this case I’m decoding IR NEC. I shows like this on sigrok

One feature that existed on the logic1 long time ago (but was removed) that can helps is when exporting to csv, put the check box “save on sample”, because today it don’t have anymore, so always export as “save on change”
“save on sample” = 1 line on the csv per sample
“save on change” = 1 line on the csv per changed logic (the only one existing now a days)

@easfreitas Thanks for describing that for us. One way we’re introducing decoding of multiple layers is via high level analyzer extensions below:

High level analyzers essentially act as a “translator” for decoded messages from our built in low-level analyzers. Here is a great example extension that a user has submitted to our extensions marketplace. Their extension allows further traslating of data output from our Async Serial Analyzer. They utilize multiple rows of decoded bubble tracks, similar to how you’ve shown in your screenshot.

Unfortunately, our high level analyzers are currently limited to working with a few pre-installed analyzers listed below:

Currently, high level analyzers cannot work for custom analyzers such as the NEC IR analyzer that another user submitted below:

I added a vote and comment for you below so we can track your need for this:

Also, I see what you mean with regards to “row per sample” vs “row per change.” We did in fact remove the “row per sample” export option in the latest Logic 2 app. Similar to the above request, I added a comment and vote for you below:

Thanks again for detailing your use case and feature request for us!

Correct, having the option to export “row per sample” for .csv file would help