Using sigrok analyzers with Logic 2

Hello folks,

I just wanted to give a heads up about what I am cooking:
As you may know there is an open source logic analyzer solution called sigrok and it also supports analyzers written in python.

They have implemented a similar cascaded analyzers approach to the HLA concept, so I think it adds itself that with some glue code they could be used in the Logic 2 as a HLA.

At the moment sigrok has 40 analyzers which works on the top of the I2C/SPI/UART. (The interesting analyzers count could be higher since there could be some decoders depending on these first level decoders).

So I have started to work on this wrapper, you can find my work here:

It involves a lot of ditching and the analyzis is not yet working at any level yet. I just managed to load a sigrok analyzer to Logic and got the settings exposed on the UI and I am quite happy about it now :smiley:

In the case if anyone has hints, ideas about this let me know here or on the github issues.


This would be very awesome.
I have previously struggled to get the logic pro to work in sigrok so i could use existing analyzers, would much prefer to be able to do the reverse and pull the analyzers into logic.


Agreed, I have been trying and failing to get Logic16 Pro working with sigrok to use the sigrok IEEE-488/GPIB decoder, but I’d rather use Logic 2, so this would be tremendously helpful!

Well at the moment only sigrok analyzers working above the I2C/SPI/UART could be supported, and the sigrok’s GPIB decoder operates on the raw signals.

There is a possibility to write a C++ analyzer which would interface with the sigrok’s python decoders, but that’s a completely different story than what I am working on.

But anyway I would love to see interoperability between sigrok/pulseview and the Logic tools.

At the moment unfortunately I cannot work on this because the Logic 2 is broken on Ubuntu 20.04, and I have upgraded all my boxes.

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