COVID-19 Effort

Hi there! I just want to share with the Saleae community that I’m part of a small team of engineers in Mexico that is currently working to fight COVID-19, our favorite hardware debugging tool is Logic Pro 8 and now Logic Pro 16 !

We started making small projects for medical companies here in Mexico and 2 years ago we decided to make an anesthesia ventilator, we thought it as a dream but started working towards it.

When we heard about COVID-19 in china we made slight changes to our anesthesia ventilator so it would work as a respiratory ventilator (it’s easier than an anesthesia ventilator!) and we rushed our milestones and extended work hours so we could be ready for production ASAP! We’re still fighting against sensor and proportional valve shortages, buying as much as we can so we could build as many as possible, even if we’re about to finish last details in hardware, firmware and software.

Here it is!

We’re also working with a client to make a conversion from an existing anesthesia ventilator that is widely used in hospitals in our country, so that it could work as a respiratory ventilator with an additional module. That project is finished and we’re entering production of the module!

That’s me working on the ventilator conversion module with Logic 2 Alpha software!

Thanks for your time!


This is awesome! :love_you_gesture:

If you need some help debugging - custom high-level analyzers, measurements, etc - please let us know. (EDIT: looks like you’re using the analog channels, right?)

Stay safe and good luck!

Love seeing this! Thanks for sharing @ccuevas!

Cool shirt!