Corrupted Data

Recently ran into an issue with my files from a certain day all being corrupted and unrecoverable. Was connected to a PCB, specific the serial navram chip. Was monitoring the chip select and clock lines to investigate if there were random, unexpected “ghost” clocks occurring as this is an issue we are seeing on newer versions of the board. We are unable to re-test the board, so the data is lost for good. We were running at the fastest possible rate (100MHz), and collected samples for 30 seconds. Both lines were grounded on a common ground from the chip. Software used for 1.2.18 and the device was a Logic 8. We reason this version was selected was a few months ago when I downloaded the software it appeared to be the newest version on the site under downloads. If there is a known issue with this version that could cause data corruption, please let me know as my project cannot afford to let this happen again. We saved 3 files in case of this happening. They were originally fine, but after opening once they got corrupted somehow.

Hi Cameron, I’m sorry I didn’t see this here until now! Looks like you already contacted support about it.

Is there any way you could send us these files? . No promises but maybe we can get them to load. Drop me a line when you send them.