Clicking on publish doesnt do anything

I have v2.4.9
I have it on github GitHub - dudmuck/saleae_sx126x: sx126x SPI parser for saleae logic analyzer
dont know how to publish

I also want to add measuring time of another pin relative to chip select de-assert, which isnt part of the for SPI pins nSS, MOSI, MISO, SCLK.

@wroberts92780 Thanks so much for sharing your work! You can follow the instructions below to get your extension published onto our in-app extensions marketplace.

For your request below:

Can you let me know more information about what kind of measurement you would like to perform? In case you were planning on measuring the time difference between the chip select de-assert, to another event on another non-SPI channel, you can do so via timing markers.

the publish button doesnt open my browser, nor does the menu item “publish extension” under extensions.
I am running ubuntu 22.04, and i suspect its an appimage security issue.

If i had the URL, i would just go to that in my browser

@wroberts92780 Ah that must be an issue with simply opening the browser from the Logic 2 software in Linux. We’ll look into that.

The publish link simply takes you to our Extension Publish page below:

This is where you would input the link to your GitHub repo. Can you try that out?

@wroberts92780 I just updated our “Publish an Extension” support article to include that publish link for anyone that runs into this issue.