Async to Sync Conversion

I am trying to analyze some serial data. I have a async to sync convertor from a German company that has inputs and outputs like this :-

Asynchronus Side
9pin D-Sub female
Connect this to the PC-COM port using a 1:1 cable
Hardware-Handshake needed
1 DCD output
2 RxD outuput
3 TxD input
4 DTR input
6 DSR output
7 RTS input
8 CTS output
9 RI output

Synchronus Modem Side
25pin D-Sub male
2 TxD output
3 RxD output
4 RTS output
5 CTS input
6 DSR input
8 DCD input
12 AuxIn0 input low/open=ByteSync Preamble; connected with ‘high’=BitExact CTS/DCD assumed
13 AuxIn1 input PC side baud rate: low/open=115200N81; connected with ‘high’=19200N81
15 TxClk input low-high à change bit TxD
16 AuxIn2 input connected with ‘high’=DTR is sending a 61440Hz synchronous clock
17 RxClk input high-low à sample RxD
20 DTR output
22 3.3V output ‘high’ for direct connection to pins AuxIn0, AuxIn1 and/or AuxIn2

This information is taken directly from the spec sheet so I don’t possibly know what it means.

I am trying to ensure that the synchronous output is the same as the asynchronous input but don’t know which analyzer to use. I would also like to test the other way around ( synchronous to asynchronous).

I have a Logic Pro 16 but do not know where to start, how to connect it and where to start capturing data. Any help would be grateful.

@busseycouk Happy to help.

A good way to start might be to check just one of the signals to see if they are being converted properly (either TxD or RxD) and go from there.

The Logic connections might be something like as follows (using Tx as the example):
CH0 → TxD input (Async Side)
CH1 → TxD output (Sync Side)
CH2 → TxClk (Sync Side)

This would be the minimum required hook ups to see if the TxD side of things are being transmitted properly.

I’m not quite sure how familiar you are with our Logic analyzers, but since you mentioned that you’re not sure where to start, a good place to get started is to run through our Getting Started guide below to get acquainted with how our Logic analyzers and software work:

The Analyzers that would be useful in your case would be:
“Async Serial” for the Async signal
“SPI” for the Sync signals

Our Analyzers are described in more details via a tutorial video in the link below:

I’m likely leaving some info out here for brevity, but let me know any specific questions you might have and I’ll be happy to go into more detail to help get you set up properly!