Analyzer with two optional channels

I have written a new Analyzer that can take two channels as input. I would like both of these channels to be optional. Basically to make it flexible if either one of them are missing from the input data. Of course setting them both to None would not do much. But if I define both channels to optional via:
channel1->SetSelectionOfNoneIsAllowed( true );
channel2->SetSelectionOfNoneIsAllowed( true );

…then Logic2 crashes completely. Setting either one channel to optional works. Seems Logic2 does not like having all input channels as optional?

Whoops, sorry about that! If you have crash reports enabled, could you send us your machine ID? That way we could look up the crash report directly instead of needing to reproduce this over here.

Details here:

I’d like to get this in our bug backlog, although we’ll likely need to add a bit more validation to ensure that at least one channel is set. In the short term, I suggest having 1 required channel, and then adding a Boolean field to “switch” channel the two channels.

For example, for 2 channel options A and B, perhaps A is required, but if the user only wants channel B, they could put it in the A setting, and check the box to switch them.

Can you share the plugins of your two channels? For my mailbox, I need to parse the packets sent and received. The two data are encrypted and can only be solved by analyzing the two channels RX TX. Thank you.