SetSelectionOfNoneIsAllowed API not working under Windows10

I am writing a new custom analyzer with a optional data channel, and it works as expected when I set
SetSelectionOfNoneIsAllowed(true); API for the optional data channel. However, same code is not letting the user to select none as Optional channel under windows 10.

@raji.grc Sorry to hear that. Can you confirm what specific error you are running into when trying it under Win10? Also, are you able to share your custom analyzer .dll file with me? I’d like to see if the same issue can be reproduced on Win10 on my end.

@timreyes ,
I believe there was some settings got saved in persistent memory. I was able to get it work after uninstalling logic2 installing again and used reset option in channel selection panel.

Thank you for looking into the issue.

@raji.grc Oh wow, I’m glad you found a solution. Sorry about the issues nonetheless. If the issue somehow comes back, feel free to let us know.