Adjusting Analyzer Data Table Visibilty

I’m using an HLA extension and I noticed if the data table is large and I want to have the data lines visible at the same time it is inconvenient to always have to scroll through the table. Would it be possible to add a feature for custom docking so the data table/terminal can be at the bottom of Logic 2? This would maximize space and make it possible to see both the whole table and data lines at the same time.

@ruvim.piholyuk Thanks for letting us know your need for this! You bring up a great point. Someone from awhile back in a support ticket also requested this exact same feature, for likely the same reason.

I had it posted in the link below, but it hasn’t received any votes yet.

Having said that, I went ahead and added a comment for you with a link back to this forum post so we can track your need for this as well.