Using Generative AI to Create a Custom Analyzer


I’ve been working to create a generalized approach to creating Logic2 HLA’s (High Level Analyzers) using Generative AI. I selected Claude Opus 3. It has worked better than Chat GPT up to this point.

So far I’ve been able to create a HLA successfully, but it is a long way from ‘first pass design success’, as debugging requires the user have specialized knowledge of both the device’s instruction set and the HLA Extension API for Logic2.

So far, I’m passing the datasheet, Logic2 Extension documentation, and the HLA reference design python to Claude. A picture of my workflow is attached.

Has anyone else tried this? What were your results?


As an intermediate step, I have been able to decode data from Logic2 in Claude. I captured the work on YouTube here:

I’m hoping to do the same for a more complete HLA.

The source files for this video are found here:

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I was able to successfully generate an HLA using generative AI. Comments and suggestions welcome!

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