Trying to flush last capture

I’m still running software version 1.2.18
Its a wonderful system!
But I don’t use it often enough to get to know all of the functions.
Today I set it up to monitor some I2C communications.
I had it capture a few of these and then I wanted to flush what it captured and start over.
But I can’t figure out how to get rid of the last captures.
I even shut the software down and restarted it.
And even then - the previous captures were still there
How do I flush the capture buffer?

@bw_dw That’s definitely strange behavior. Restarting the software should clear captures automatically.

Would you mind giving Logic 2 (our latest software) a try? Download link below:

Logic 1.2.18 is a few years old now. All of our future development efforts will be going towards Logic 2. Let me know if that version helps with this potential bug in the old software.

Thank you!
Yes - I’ll give it a try.