Triggering and scope view - share your ideas with us!

Not sure why I wasn’t notified of a reply. Regardless:

What does it mean? Are you interested in a continuous trigger with holdoff time?

The holdoff part doesn’t really matter. Just the continuous part. Update will of course be limited by the hardware/software processing time to something like 30Hz, or whatever. Or even 1Hz. Not the important part.

Of course, our number one rule is: Never change the view if the user hasn’t asked for it :slight_smile:

Then why do you do it? When I re-activate a capture, the view changes and the view isn’t restored when the trigger happens again. I have to re-zoom to the portion I want to view, generally close to the trigger.

Do you need analog or protocol triggers or only digital triggers?

Just the basic triggers already available would be sufficient. Protocol would be nice, but it’s been years and we’ve yet to have a continuous trigger feature added. I’d rather have that than wait another 5 years for a protocol trigger.

This sort of feature is used when debugging hardware and you want to see what happens after a given trigger, such as a particular line going high. Maybe the issue is not repeatable and you need to repeat it multiple times. Maybe you’re trying to get a sense of the jitter in the timing between signals. These are basic debugging tools.

Then why do you do it? When I re-activate a capture, the view changes and the view isn’t restored when the trigger happens again.

Not on purpose, I can assure you that. Sounds like we have a bug. Does it happen every time?

We’ll have a basic version of continuous protocol triggers in about a week. Sorry for the (very) long wait…

View persistency can also be useful in some circumstances.

Minimum features should be:

  • Normal and auto trigger
  • Trigger by conditions (also protocol events) and multiple conditions, e.g ch1 high and ch2 both edges
  • View persistance
  • Cursors to measure levels / time
  • Some buffer to record tracks before and after the trigger event

Just got my SALEAE… I love it - but my first task with it, is measuring some analog signals, where I would love to be able to trigger on the analog signal…is this feature still in progress?

@madsen Thanks for letting us know your need for this! Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates to share just yet - and apologies for such a long wait without any updates. In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and added a comment for you in the idea post we are tracking for this:

@madsen By the way, can you share a bit more details about the kind of analog signal you were planning to trigger on? Also, any details you can share on how you would expect our analog triggers to work on your particular signal would be great to know!