Trigger on content of data in a async serial stream

I would like to trigger a capture based on a specific series of bytes in a Async Serial stream. I am new to Saleae wanted to know of the HLA capability would support this. Also if there is a existing HLA that already does this, or is there is an specific example that would help me get started.

@tomh Great question. Our software has a mode called “Trigger View” which is explained in the support article below:

It is only able to trigger in real-time, similar to a normal view mode on traditional scopes, and will always show the most recent trigger event that matches the trigger query typed in, and is not able to perform a one-shot trigger if that was what you were looking for.

Another limitation is that it is only able to trigger on a single protocol bubble result at a time. It is not able to trigger on a series of bytes.

One workaround to the limitation above is to install and use the HLA (High Level Analyzer) Extension called “Text Messages”, available from our Extensions Marketplace from within the app. This extension helps concatenate/combine multiple analyzer bubbles into a single bubble. That way, you can use the Trigger View feature to trigger on a single HLA bubble that would contain multiple Async Serial bubble results.

Instructions for installing and using extensions can be found in the links below.