Is it possible to trigger on custom high level analyzer?

I would like to trigger on an event in my custom high level analyzer. Is it possible, this would be useful when events occur infrequently and at random times?

This is a fairly hot topic on the Ideas portal (Logic 2 - Ideas and Feature Requests - Saleae). I don’t think Saleae have added it yet, but I’m pretty keen to see it.

@russell.grensing Although we don’t have a proper “one-shot” trigger, you might be able to utilize a combination of the following:

  1. Looping Mode or Timer Mode
  2. Trigger on Protocol Frame

An example is shown below using the I2C analyzer in conjuntion with the I2C 8-bit Address Display HLA. Here, I search for the HLA string “Setup Read to [0x49].”

Looping mode will help you keep the capture running indefinitely while looking for the trigger. Please do keep in mind that this isn’t a one-shot trigger. When the trigger is found, the capture will continue running, so it will be important to stop the capture before the looping buffer fills up and potentially deletes the triggered data.

This is a different use case since it would be running (maybe for days) until an error is detected using my custom HLA then trigger and stop running.
Good to have on the feature request.

Thanks @russell.grensing. I’ve added a comment for you below to track your need for this. I’ve began consolidating all ideas around digital trigger improvements in that post.

We’re quite close to achieving this since we can trigger and continuously loop on an HLA result. It looks like we’d just need to add a way to stop the capture on a protocol match.