Simple Parallel, the way of displaying data


I’m debugging an embedded system. I use GPIOs to output the current status.
To save output time, I’m using “Simple Parallel” (1 CLK, 4 DATA )
The attached picture is the screen that I’m seeing.

There are two suggestions.

  1. When using 4bits, the data value doesn’t need to be 4 digit.
    0x0 ~ 0xF are enough to show the data.
    “0x000F, 0x0001, 0x0000” has too many character without any meaning.
    Can you fix to display only valid data character /
    0x? for 1~4bits,
    0x?? for 0xoo00 ~ 0x00FF.

  2. The data displaying keeps on until the next Parallel clock edge.
    Can we have a setting like “keep the last data for XXX ns” ?

@taz1000.0501 Thanks for letting us know your feedback! I completely agree with both of your points. I’ve opened up 2 GitHub issues on our Simple Parallel Analyzer repository below:

Sorry we don’t have an immediate fix for you. Having said that, you are welcome to create a Python High Level Analyzer extension that can truncate the results of the Simple Parallel Analyzer for you. More details on our extensions platform can be found below:

As for limiting the length of the protocol bubbles, this will require modification of the Simple Parallel anlayzer source code to do so. Our Protocol Analyzer SDK is documented below in case you have extensive experience with C++.