Running Logic 2 in Docker Containers for automation

I am trying to containerize Logic 2 for an automation workload but I keep on getting errors. The application crashes with an error code of 127. I was hoping I might get some guidance on how I could fix it. I have created a virtual frame buffer due to the lack of support for a headless mode.

@david.stokes As a first step, could you share your Machine ID with us? Instructions are provided below:

I’d like to see if any of the uploaded crash reports from your PC might help us out with our investigation.

I’m not sure what error code 127 means, but I’ll check with our software team. In the meantime, could you share more details about how exactly to reproduce the crash on our end? Is it 100% repeatable? If you can share any relevant files with us to help us reproduce the crashes on our end, please send that over as well.

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Hi tim,
I was able to get the application to stop erroring out with the following combination of flags --no-sandbox --disable-gpu --headless
The application now at least runs in the container but it now just throws 500 errors when I try to communicate with the api. I am not sure if running in a container changes the machine id but my windows machine itself is
Id be happy to email about this aswell, you can reach me at I can send you the dockerfile if that would help for repoducing the errors.

Hey @david.stokes, we’re sending an email shortly. Thanks!

I am having a similar issue. How was this solved ?