Request for I3C analyzer

Do we know the timeline for if/when an I3C analyzer will be coming out?
I3C devices are starting to ramp and being able to use the saleae for the decoding would be immensely helpful.


@caleb.petrie Thanks for checking in on this. We don’t have a confirmed release date for this yet. However, we’re currently tracking interest in this protocol in the idea post below:

I added a comment and vote for you to track your need for this as well.

We have in fact received quite a lot of votes for this protocol, so we’re aware of it’s growing adoption in the industry. As such, I’d love to connect you directly to our team here via email to chat about your requirements in detail.

Would you mind sending me an email using the link below? You can direct it to “Tim” and share the link to this forum post so that I know it’s you when the message arrives.

Looking forward to chatting!

Hey @timreyes, I’m also interested in this, any updates?

@briankeith We do in fact have a working solution right now! More information on this can be found below.

As a first step, would you mind sending me (Tim) a message using the link below? I’d be happy to share more details via email.