[Python API] Device Calibration

Its me again (:slight_smile:
Quick question about device calibration via Automation (using Python API),
is there a way for detecting whether the connected device is calibrated ?
and if not to calibrate it ?

@itay.work94 Thanks for bringing this up. This is unfortunately not possible via the Automation API, though I agree we should certainly get this added.

Similar to my comment on your other post for renaming channels, you’ll have to manually check if the particular device calibration file has been loaded on the particular PC it’s being used on (instructions in the link below for reference). Normally, this happens automatically (otherwise, an error pop up will appear, typically caused by network issues), and once the calibration file has been downloaded once on a PC for a particular device, it won’t need to be downloaded again.

I’ve just added this to our feedback list for the next automation update, thanks for asking about it!

In the meantime, one somewhat hacky solution would be to check the calibration folder for a calibration file that matches the device ID in use.

The location of the calibration folder is mentioned in the link Tim shared above.

The files The first part of the file name is the device ID, in base 10. You could check that folder for a file starting with the device ID before allowing a capture to take place.

If this is a new device, calibration download will start the moment the software detects the new device. You could poll the folder with a timeout until the file is detected.

Sorry for the trouble with this!