Logic 2.3.3 / gen 1 logic16 can't change thresholds

When switching between the low (0.95V) and the high (2.5V) threshold, there is usually a noticeable delay when switching between them (I think it has to re-upload the FPGA?). In 2.3.3, there is no delay, and through testing I can see that it stays in the 0.95V threshold even you pick the 2.5V one. I even tried to set the 2.5V, unplug, replug, but it still defaults to the lower one.

Good catch! Logic16 has a special way to change voltage modes that’s different from the Pro 8 and Pro 16 devices, which is why it doesn’t work. I’ve just added this to our bug backlog.

Quick question for you @alank2, how come after all these years you never upgraded to a newer device? For some reason I assumed you picked up a newer device at some point.

I’ve got the newer ones too! I like ALL of your products and have almost everything you have made (missing only the Logic 4 and the Pro 8 from my collection). Sometimes I still use the original Logic too.

I am a superfan!

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