I2C Data not displaying

I just installed Logic 2.3.16 - when I use the I2C analyzer the decoded hex data is displayed above the waveform when zoomed out:

But when I zoom in the data is no longer displayed:

The data is displayed properly in the terminal, so this is not a killer - but it is helpful to see the decoded hex above the waveform, as was the case in the 1.2.18 version I was using.

Update …
The I2C Analyzer is acting as anticipated now:

A difference is I fixed a logic error in my program - the logic error caused the I2C communication to get hung waiting on an interrupt to clear. Perhaps the decoded hex data was not appearing in the previous post because the I2C did not terminate cleanly.
At any rate, my issue is resolved.
Happy debugging all!

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Awesome! Glad to hear that it’s working for you now.

By the way, before you fixed the error - did you see any results when you zoomed in and then panned left or right?

I just rolled back the code and tried panning - the decoded hex data does appear over the earlier part of the I2C stream, but once I scroll towards the end of the I2C stream the decoded data no longer shows up. When the decoded data shows up the green circles and orange squares are present on the I2C data:

But those symbols no longer appear on the I2C data the decoded hex also no longer appears:

If I zoom out just a little, the decoded hex appears over the same portion of the I2C data waveform where it previously did not appear:

If I understand correctly, this looks like a bug. Would you be able to share the capture with us? (privately or here)

Thanks a lot for the help!

Is this what you are looking for?
Session 0.sal (11.4 KB)

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Exactly, thanks!