How can I disable LIVE view

I do not need an animation running on my desktop.
How can I disable LIVE view forever ?

Thanks @don.vukovic! I just checked, I didn’t realize we were not persisting the live state from the previous capture.

What do you think about the solution of just having the live button remember your last state from the last capture, instead of automatically enabling on every run? We’ll discuss internally.

Oh I also wanted to ask how you use the software. We added live view to allow users to view the data as it’s recorded, instead of waiting until the capture is complete.

Do you generally prefer to wait for a recording to finish before taking a look at the data?
Do you like to look at the data, but don’t want the view to constantly update to look at the latest data?

Also, would you mind sharing what sorts of events you’re trying to record, and what capture mode (looping/trigger/timer) you’re using, and how long your typical recording is?

I have been using the old software on my Saleae 16 for many years.
I have installed the old software on my new computer.

So, yes on your questions. Yes, I can wait.
I downloaded V2 for the first time on my new computer.
Just simple triggers on a 16uS pulse, nothing fancy.

I have been using V2 along side with the old software.
I have been clicking on the LIVE button as soon as I start a run.
After awhile, I started looking for a way to turn that off by default.

If this is something you do not want to make a toggle for, I will continue to use the old software.
Maybe I can get use to an un-desired feature.

Don Vukovic


Would you mind posting this request on our ideas tracking website?

This is the first time we’ve heard from a customer looking to disable the live mode by default, and I’d like to make sure we get this tracked in case other users could benefit from the same feature.