Font selection in Logic software


Is there a way to select a font so that I can select a thicker font? As my eye sight is not so good thin fonts are a little bit difficult to see.


@gautam.nbhat We don’t have a way of making the font thicker, but the application UI can be scaled larger or smaller using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Increase font size: Ctrl and =
  • Decrease font size: Ctrl and −

I hope that helps!

@timreyes : Is it possible to atleast select a particular font? The existing fonts is difficult to view. Any way to change it? Can this be a feature request?

@gautam.nbhat Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of adjusting this either from within our software.

Having said that, I came across a feature request post I created below.

I added a comment for you to record your specific request for this to be implemented in the app. We’ll keep an eye on user interest in this in the meantime before we commit it to the roadmap.