Failed to load extensions on launch

I’m getting this popup message when I launch logic.
Version is 2.3.23
Windows 10
Fresh install, brand new device. The software then connects fine to the device.

Hmm… this is strange. I just tested Logic 2.3.23 on my Windows PC and was not able to reproduce it.

The next step is to try and see which extension is somehow causing this error message.

Can you try uninstalling extensions one by one, and restarting the software after each uninstallation to see which of them is potentially causing the error?

Instructions below on how to uninstall an extension:

Let me know the results of that test.

Thanks for the help.
I did not install any extensions - this just happens immediately after launching the software even the first time. I get the same popup if I try to install one.


@david.lamb We do have pre-installed extensions by default. I’m wondering if that might be causing an issue. Can you try uninstalling what is already pre-installed via the instructions I sent previously?

There is nothing to uninstall in the list

Is the procedure different for default extensions?

Oh interesting. I suspect that the default extensions are trying to install themselves at startup and they are failing to do that.

They should be installed by default and they should show up in that list you show. For you, it is not showing up, hence my theory above.

I’ll have to check with our software team as to what could be causing this. We’ll follow up again once we have more information to share.

Hi @david.lamb, it could be that the default extensions are failing to install due to a proxy or firewall, which is pretty common on company networks.

This is something we’ve been trying to fix for a while, but without much success, mainly because we haven’t been able to reproduce the failure here. I’ve tried setting up a proxy before, and managed to get extensions to install properly with it, but it didn’t fix it for most users, and I suspect the problem is in the variety of different proxy and authentication options out there.

The error is probably super annoying too. One quick solution would be to manually install the clock statistics measurement and the voltage statistics measurement, which are the two default extensions.
Let us know if the “INSTALL” button in the marketplace allows you to install them. I expect it won’t, but if it does, that could indicate a different issue. You can find manual extension install instruction here, it should only take a few minutes.

I would love to get this fixed, and sorry for the trouble!

You were correct this was caused by proxy/firewall. Disabling it allowed me to launch and install extensions. After a given extension is installed once the firewall can be turned on and it works fine.