Export_data_table not working

Hi @timreyes ,

I am getting the following exception when executing export_data_table : Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\common\runner.py", line 227, in run_measurements self._execute_measurement(m) File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\common\runner.py", line 296, in _execute_measurement measurement.execute() File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\measurements\decorators\wlc_run_decorator.py", line 133, in execute raise ex File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\measurements\decorators\wlc_run_decorator.py", line 123, in execute self.measurement.execute(parent_id=run_id) File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\measurements\decorators\wlc_repetition_decorator.py", line 74, in execute raise e File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\measurements\decorators\wlc_repetition_decorator.py", line 68, in execute self.measurement.execute(parent_id=parent_id) File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\measurements_1_0\decorators\wlc_robot_decorator.py", line 134, in execute self.measurement.execute(parent_id=parent_id) File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\measurements\wlc_timeout_before_standby.py", line 96, in execute settings=None)], export_data=True) File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\lab\salea2.py", line 297, in stop_capture [x[0] for x in low_level_analyzers_added]) File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\.venv37\lib\site-packages\saleae\automation\capture.py", line 255, in export_data_table self.manager.stub.ExportDataTableCsv(request) File "C:\Python37\lib\contextlib.py", line 130, in __exit__ self.gen.throw(type, value, traceback) File "C:\Users\nxf28218\Desktop\nfc_wlc_system_testbench\python\wireless_charging\.venv37\lib\site-packages\saleae\automation\errors.py", line 121, in _error_handler raise grpc_error_to_exception(exc) from None saleae.automation.errors.ExportError: Export failed: ios_base::failbit set: iostream stream error

My filepath is valid, and as analyzers I am using the handlerId return by add_analyzer, and that should be fine as it is not complaining about it (it was complaining before, that’s why I know it is correct).

Any idea what could be the issue? I am out of ideas.



@albert.caba The error ios_base::failbit set: iostream stream error seems to indicate an issue with accessing the filepath / directory.

Can you share a copy of your .py file with me (perhaps a modified copy) that allows me to quickly run your script without the need for external dependencies local to your PC, and that also still shows the same issue on your end?

Hi @timreyes thank you for your fast response. You were right, it was an incorrect path, I should have realized it, but maybe a more meaningful error would be useful! In the other hand, I have a question regarding the method add_high_level_analyzer. How do I point to an HLA installed via GUI’s extension? In this case I want to use “I2C Transactions” that I have already installed, what should I set as “extension_directory”? The extension seems to be installed in: “C:\Users\albert\AppData\Roaming\Logic\Marketplace\17” . Is there any way to point to the installed extensions instead of an specific folder? Thanks!

@albert.caba It looks like we have an example script below. Could you give that a try?

What is the string value of asset_path?

@albert.caba Ah, that’s embarrassing. Sorry I rushed to send you that without checking first :man_facepalming:

I don’t know off the top of my head, but let me run some tests early next week and I’ll share the line of code you need.