Exclude Files From HLA Release

We are close to making our first release of an HLA. Our repo includes the HLA files as well as some regression test files. Is there a way to exclude the regression test files from the set of files that will be place on the user’s drive when they install our HLA?

@eric.blom Congrats on the milestone! I’m not quite sure I immediately understand your question, however, the only files required to install an HLA are as follows. These are the files you would share with your end users.

  1. extension.json
  • Every extension must have this file in its root directory.
  • Contains metadata about the extension, and the HLAs and Measurement scripts that are included with the extension.

  • See Extension File Format for more information.

  1. HighLevelAnalyzer.py
  • Python source code for your HLA.

@timreyes, we have no problem sharing the files and using them as a “Load Existing Extension…” I’m thinking about when our HLA is published in the Saleae marketplace.

Does the marketplace ignore all files other than those listed in your comment. For example, does that mean we are limited to one PY file and “screenshots/overview.png” can not be used by the README.md?

Below is our file tree.

  • README.md
  • extension.json
  • protocol_a_version_1.py
  • protocol_b_version_1.py
  • protocol_b_version_2.py
  • protocol_b_version_3.py
  • screenshots/overview.png (referenced by README.md)
  • test/… (regression test files)
  • touch_protocols.py (this is the subclass of HighLevelAnalyser).

@eric.blom Our Extensions Marketplace will include all files in the repository.

Using the “BQ25150 Linear Battery Charger” extension available from the Marketplace as an example, when this extension is installed from our Marketplace, all files in the repository will be stored in the following directory.


It sounds like there is no way to exclude files from the repo. Such as extension regression testing files. It would be nice if a .saleaeignore file could be used to exclude files or perhaps some additional information in the extension.json file.

I found out that files can be excluded from a git tag/release using a .gitattribute file.