Decode custom UART - Protocol with COBS


we use a custom uart protocol with cobs.
I want to write a HLA to first decode the bytes and after that give it to the output in Logic 2.

My idea is to collect first all incoming bytes until the trailing zero is found.
Then decode the collected bytes and give them to the output.

But I dont know how to put multiple bytes in to the output?
I know how to return one byte with
return AnalyzerFrame(‘mytype’, frame.start_time, frame.end_time, {
‘input_type’: frame.type

But how to do this with multiple bytes and place them accordingly?

Thank you for your further help.

If you read the HLA examples at:

… look for the example using frames[] array, and using frames.append() method to allow you to return more than one frame at once.

I got it.
Thank you, it works!