Custom Script for extracting data with upto 1 ns accuracy

Hi ,
I am trying to build multichannel (5 -6 channel) data recorder , the type of incoming data are digital pulses , which are coming in bunches of 4 bit signals on each channel.
One of the channel is used as sync channel (posedge - trigger) , when bunch of 4 pulses occur on each channel, our purpose is to record the values ( 4-bit value corresponding to each pulse) on other channels, along with bunch number and time of occurence from first bunch.

The diagram is attached for understanding.
I wanted to know, can the script of the device be modified to get the desired result in our case.
Multichannel- Record.pdf (1.3 MB)

Thanks and Regards
Divyansh Gupta

@divyansh Great question! We haven’t had a user-submitted custom protocol that meets your requirements. Having said that, Mark actually answered a similar forum question from another user regarding a custom protocol, for which the discussion can be found below:

Hopefully the details provided in that forum post help you get started!