Can display the specified message when mouse is hovering in data table

I really like this awesome tool and the flexibility it offers through extensions. Since I discovered this Python extension two weeks ago, I have developed 2 HLA extensions for USB4 and used them in my daily work. It significantly shortens the analysis and the debugging time. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Now I am trying to append some text messages to the data table. Wonder if the extension can display the specified message when mouse is hovering in data table, the motivation is show the definition for that protocol in order to give more details in one shot.

Is it possible to do that ? Could anyone help me to share the syntax ?

Thanks, MH

@hsiehmh Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying using and developing HLAs! Can you share an example of what kind of messages you wanted to append? Feel free to share a screenshot with an example text you want appended, so we can get a better idea of what you’re working with. Also, I’d love to learn a bit more about your overall workflow and how you use the data table.

We unfortunately don’t provide the ability to control what appears in the tool tip popup while hovering over data table entries. The text in the tool tip simply mirrors the text inside of the data table entry you are hovering over.

If I understood your request properly, it seems you want to customize what the tool tip text displays, is that correct? Right now, any added text would need to be added via a new column entry, or within the same data table box, but this is certainly something we could look into!

Tim, Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I want to customize the tool tip text displays. I limited the informaton in the data table(only display 4 characters), as result of it is not convenient to analyze the waveform and observe the characters at the same time if the output format in the data table is too long.

That’s why I want to display a hint/definition in the hover text to get detailed information, like this:

@hsiehmh Thanks for clarifying. Although this is not possible at the moment, I really like the idea. It certainly has the ability to keep the Data Table looking neat. Unfortunately, long text doesn’t display very nicely in the data table.

I added a new idea post so that we can start tracking user need for this.

One other solution I though of in the meantime was the following:

  • create another column with the detailed information
  • minimize the column width containing the detailed info to something reasonable
  • hover over those entries to get the detailed text in the tooltip

Example below using I2C data, and an I2C HLA.

It’s certainly not as clean as natively implementing custom tooltips though.

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