Display several lines

Giving a try to HLA, I am writing a decoder for a SPI for a LMH0384
The CPU sends a byte with the register and a byte with value (when making a writing cycle)

I managed to decode the register and the value.

For the value, I would like to decode each bit, but it means that the displayed text will be quite long.
Seems that ‘\n’ has not effect in the display.

Is the HLA limited to one line of text ?


@christophe.lindheime Unfortunately, our decoded bubbles, which sits above the waveform, are limited to one line of text only, and \n or \r characters will have no effect on how the text is displayed above the waveform.

Without shortening or condensing your text output, displaying binary above the waveform could be fairly tricky given how much space it takes up. Another option might be to view your data in the data table or print it out to the terminal on the right side of the app (our terminal properly prints \n and \r characters as newlines and carriage returns respectively), but that doesn’t allow you to view it directly above the waveform, which is likely what you are looking to do.

Ok, thanks for your advices.