Analog display set voltage limits

Hi, I am using my Logic 8 Pro to track 8 slowly changing voltages over a longish term. It is a great 8 channel 'scope.

I would like to set the max and min display voltages for each trace. That would help make the display more readable while it is gathering the data. The defaults are too large (and negative) in some cases. I realize I can auto-scale after the data is gathered but is there a way to manually set the scale before starting a trace?

I have looked through the manual and forum but might have missed the obvious so any help would be appreciated.


@john.robinson Good question! Right now, there is a workaround for this:

  1. Take a quick/short capture
  2. After the capture, adjust your Y-axis per the instructions below (you can use either Keyboard shortcuts, or via the axis adjust icon at the top right of the channel waveform.
  3. Take a new capture and the axis should be adjusted per how you previously set it.

Regardless, I’m surprised that the axis adjustment is locked before a capture starts. I’ll discuss this with the team to see if we can allow the ability to adjust the axis before the capture starts.

Thanks Tim. Post-setting is better than playing with zoom as I was before. Pre-setting would be a great addition though. I do realize that I am using the Logic device as an 8 channel oscilloscope, which may not have been the design intention. It does the job well.

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