10:1 Attenuator Probe

For one project I needed to do some analysis on a 12V signal. Rather than knock together a potential divider with a couple of resistors I thought I’d do it properly and build a small PCB to do the job which I could also reuse again. The attenuator board plugs in between the saleae and the probe. As it worked well I thought that if I needed this functionality then there would be other people who would. So, I added a capacitor for low frequency compensation and had a batch built.
The attenuator provides a 10:1 division on each of the four channels on the probe. In case anyone is interested, more information can be found at my website http://www.hunterembedded.co.uk/products/

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This is great @iain! Good to hear from you again and thanks for sharing! I just added information about your probes under the Community Created section of our Accessories support article: