1-Wire analyser doesn't work properly

I am trying to analyse 1-Wire (Dallas) Temperature Sensor DS18B20 but the analyser seems not working properly. When I measure the signal by the oscilloscope, I get command 55h after the reset. What’s the problem? The sampling frequency is set to 24 Ms/s.

@tiputa It looks like the recorded signal is not being recognized by our 1-wire analyzer.

As a debugging exercise, it may help to compare your recorded data to simulation data generated by our 1-wire analyzer. Instructions for this can be found below.

I’ve provided a sample 1-wire demo capture attached here which you can use to compare your capture to.
demo-1-wire.sal (13.8 KB)

Additonally, can I know which specific Saleae Logic model you own out of the pictured ones below?