USB LS and FS analyzer custom settings

I want the analyzer decoded information to be in Binary format, by default its taking the ascii format. I want this to be implemented in the automation api.
usb_analyzer = capture.add_analyzer(“USB LS and FS” , settings={“D+”: 0 , “D-”: 1}). This is the piece of code.

How do i do it ?

Screenshot from 2024-04-15 11-03-41

Great question.

The API allows you to set the radix when you export the analyzer. There are 2 types of analyzer export. However, there is no way at the moment to set the radix on the analyzer itself, which would be handy if you plan to open the files again later for manual viewing.

Data table export:

Legacy export:
(Legacy export is what we call the original analyzer-specific export format built into each analyzer. The newer data table export uses the same basic format for all analyzers, where each analyzer can have it’s own legacy export format)

Could you please provide a sample code for legacy export with radix types ? I tried previously but didn’t work as expected.

Thank you.

@mstharunreddy Sure thing. You can refer to the link below:

Additionally, radix types and usage examples can be found below: