[Quick Poll] Problems you try to solve with an Oscilloscope?

When using an oscilloscope do you find yourself trying to solve any of the types of problems listed in the poll below?

Problems I try to solve with a scope or other data acquisition equipment
  • When characterizing a signal such as rise time or timing budget, I care very much about a small section of my waveform. I am looking for specific issues or criteria. I don’t care very much about looking at historical signals that may have appeared on my scope while I am in real time/latest mode.
  • When trying to find an issue (such as victim/aggressor noise) where I have setup an analog trigger I want to know if there is a correlation to a specific event in time in the communications buses in my system causing problems. While looking at my signal in real time/latest mode I want to be able to see my analog channel at a small time scale, and be able to look at other historical transactions at a larger timescale to help me understand where I am in the flow of my systems communicating.
  • I am not sure what part of my system is causing the problem, but I do know that I can trigger on a signal that gets stuck which is the result of the problem. I want to capture as much data as possible so that I can search for errors in my signals to find the underlying problems, but I will do this after the capture has finished.
  • Other - I’ll describe in the comments below

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On an oscilloscope how important (5=most important, 1=least) is it for you to be able to look at other signals in real time while also being able to look at the historical data while actively capturing data (vs looking at a capture after it has ended)?
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Thanks to those that have voted! Keep those votes coming as this helps us know what is critical to help you solve your test and debug problems. It’s great to have such an active community!