Possible to modify analog data and redo "ADC"?

I captured a UART (async serial) signal on a channel (both digital and analog) and noticed some noise in the analog signal that is affecting the digital signal (showing it being high when it should be low). Is there a way to modify the capture file and alter the analog signal, then recreate the digital signal with the new analog (i.e., re-do analog to digital conversion)?

Not sure which of these details are important, but I’ll include them here anyway:

  • Software Version: Logic 2.4.13
  • Digital Channel Details: 6.25 MS/s, 3.3+ Volts
  • Analog Channel Details: 1.5625 MS/s
  • File Type: .sal

@afok Sorry for quite a late reply! Several of us were out due to the holidays.

Unfortunately, recreating a digital signal from an analog recording is currently not possible, though it’s a highly requested feature. I’ve provided a link below to the feature request post we are tracking for this in case you wanted to add your vote to it. We also don’t have a way of modifying a previously recorded analog signal.

You may be able to clean up your digital signal by enabling a software glitch filter, though you’ll need to start a new recording to have the glitch filter settings be applied, since glitch filters cannot be retroactively added to previously recorded captures.

No worries. Thank you for the input and for those links!