Logic 2 not waiting for trigger

2.3.52 Windows10/64

I have a simple measurement setup that has been working for some time. All of a sudden the capture is started with no trigger.

What happens is:
Capture is waiting for a trigger for about 3 seconds.
The capture stops with no trigger shown on data.
Channel D0 is grounded to the Logic Ground. There is no connection to anything else, only the USB cable.

I was under the belief that while waiting to trigger, no memory is being used.

Memory is set at 3GB
at 16 MS/s the wait for capture ends in 3 seconds.
at 12 MS/s the wait is a little longer

At a sample

I’ve Reset the presets with no change. Is there something else I should clear?



@johnrf Sorry to hear about that behavior. I wasn’t able to reproduce this on Win10. It’s interesting that decreasing the sampling rate allows you to capture more data.

I cannot verify I was able to capture data at the 8 MS/s. All I recall is it did not immediately time out.

FYI I have the early LOGIC. It is an a channel device. So unless you folks have a upgrade program I’m stuck with this as I am now retired.

Now all this is occurring before the trigger. And during the wait for trigger the “memory used” popup is 0
Like this:

Oddly enough, I cannot duplicate it today. Same computer, same USB port same version of Logic 2.
Yesterday when it was occurring almost all the time I restated the computer, Likely cycled the Logic power. To no avail. Then it worked again for no other reason than time going by.

Is there a data file on windows that could be full or can be erased?

I believe the popup was “Error Message: ReadTimeout” and reduce sampling rate. However there has been no trigger nor sampling. When the logic data appears there is no yellow trigger marker.

@johnrf Thanks for the added information. It looks like you’ve got our Original Logic pictured below:

I believe the popup was “Error Message: ReadTimeout” and reduce sampling rate. However there has been no trigger nor sampling. When the logic data appears there is no yellow trigger marker.

Unfortunately, our Original Logic is most sensitive to this error due to its relatively small device side buffer as compared to our Gen 2 Logic analyzers. We discuss the reasoning behind the ReadTimeout error in our ReadTimeout support article that I shared earlier ( Error Message: ReadTimeout - Saleae Support ).

Here’s a snippet of it below:

The Saleae Logic produces data at a fixed rate and can’t tolerate periodic delays between read requests because the device side buffer space is limited. This error message shows up when the device side buffer has run out of memory caused by delays on the USB line during data capture. The Original Logic is the most sensitive to this issue. The newer products (Logic 4, Logic 8, Logic Pro 8, and Logic Pro 16) have significantly larger device side stream buffers and should have no problem with this.

Due to the limitation above, the Original Logic might not be able to consistently capture at its highest sampling rates. I suspect you are running into the error above, which can occur even while looking for a trigger. In short, if samples are dropped due to the device side buffer getting full, the capture will simply end, and we unfortunately don’t have a way of mitigating this at the moment since our software expects to receive incoming captured data at a fixed rate, without any tolerance for samples being dropped.

The troubleshooting steps provided in the ReadTimeout support article I shared above provides some common solutions and common failure points. However, if none of the troubleshooting steps alleviates the issue for you, the best solution right now would be to either reduce the sampling rate or upgrade to one of our Gen 2 products with significantly increased side buffer (Logic 8, Logic Pro 8, and Logic Pro 16).