I2C analyzer seems messed up

I’m completely baffled by the results I’m getting on the I2C analyzer, please see the attached picture:

Data stays equal, analyzer results are not.

I’m at the most recent version. Does anyone know what could be up?

Thanks in advance!

Best guess? You have glitches on the clock edges. Try turning on a 150ns or even longer glitch filter on the SCL channel. If you zoom in on the first couple of clock edges you will be able to see multiple edges if glitching is the problem. Note that usually the device under test works fine - it’s just the analyser that is seeing the glitches.

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@inevitableavoidance Sorry for the trouble with the I2C analyzer. I agree with @P.Jaquiery.

Here is a support article below that explains it in a bit more detail, as well as how to enable the glitch filter.

In case that doesn’t help, feel free to upload your .sal capture file and I can take a closer look on my end. Instructions below:

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You guys are absolute hero’s! Zooming all the way in revealed teeny tiny double edges, easily mitigated by the glitch filter.

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