I2C Analyzer hoarding temp-files

I’m trying to develop my own HLA that is looking for specific I2C commands. Since I don’t care about other commands I want to run this analyzer over an indefinite time-period by using the looping capture scheme’s circular buffer with the smallest possible size (0.5GB) to reduce resource usage.

The problem I’m running in to is that the official I2C analyzer seems to hoard temp-files and not let them go until I close the entire Logic app (I’m running version 2.3.39). After a 820 second run my temp-folder has grown to 3.5GB and looks like this:

This is obviously a problem for running indefinitely. The reason I noticed it at all was because my Logic app kept crashing due to my hard drive being full. Hope you’ll be able to fix this in a future release! :slight_smile:

@Simen Sorry about this behavior! The hard disk usage for a running analyzer does add up over a long period of time. This certainly causes issues with indefinite running captures…

This is something we’ll need to solve at some point. Specifically, triggering on HLA/analyzer results over an indefinite period of time is an important use case that we want to solve. I’ll bring this up with the team here.

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Thanks @timreyes,
I’m glad to hear you want to solve this use case. I assumed this was unintended behavior as most of these temporary files seem to be recycled at run-time. Also since the name “Looping capture” implies of a circular buffer storage.