Decoder or extension for two pulse width decoding

I’m not sure the technical name for my data, however its very simple.

Simply if:

  • a pulse <300 ms it’s a 0
  • a pulse > 300 ms it’s a 1

Could an existing decoder / extension decode such a signal?


@johnrf Good question! We don’t have anything out of the box that supports that exact use case. However, our pre-installed “Addressable LEDs” might come close.

It follows various LED strip protocol formats. As an example, the WS2811 LED strip specification is decoded by our Addressable LED analyzer as follows:

  • Pulse is 0.5us = 0 (+/- some error tolerance)
  • Pulse is 1.2us = 1 (+/- some error tolerance)

Not exactly fitting for your requirements, but if you have experience with C++, we provide our source code for our LED analyzer below, which you can modify and use as a starting point for a custom analyzer that supports your specific protocol requirements:

Here’s a link to our Protocol Analyzer SDK as well:

You can also take a look at our list of Community Shared custom analyzers as well, but based on a quick look at the list, I think our LED analyzer would be the best starting point give how similar it is to your requirement.

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