Can we install & use Logic2 on CentOS 7

We have a CentOS 7 based compute cluster farm and one of the user wants to use Logic2 binary. I see that CentOS 7 is not listed in the list of OS.
Q1: Is it still possible to run the Logic2 on CentOS 7?

When i try to run the Logic-2.4.9-linux-x64.AppImage directly on CentOS 7 , i get following error-

[puneet@server1]/scratch/puneet/Downloads> ./Logic-2.4.9-linux-x64.AppImage 
/tmp/.mount_Logic-WHAuC1 /scratch/puneet/Downloads
The setuid sandbox is not running as root. Common causes:
  * An unprivileged process using ptrace on it, like a debugger.
  * A parent process set prctl(PR_SET_NO_NEW_PRIVS, ...)
Failed to move to new namespace: PID namespaces supported, Network namespace supported, but failed: errno = Operation not permitted
Trace/BPT trap (core dumped)

Q2: I am unable to understand the message, What is required to run this binary ?.

We extracted the contents of this AppImage using -
./Logic-2.4.9-linux-x64.AppImage --appimage-extract

[puneets@server1]/scratch/puneet/Downloads> cd squashfs-root/
[puneets@server1]/scratch/puneet/Downloads/squashfs-root> ./Logic 
[141491:0814/] The SUID sandbox helper binary was found, but is not configured correctly. Rather than run without sandboxing I'm aborting now. You need to make sure that /scratch/puneet/Downloads/squashfs-root/chrome-sandbox is owned by root and has mode 4755.
Trace/BPT trap (core dumped)
[puneets@server1]/scratch/puneet/Downloads/squashfs-root> [141493:0100/] write: Broken pipe (32)

Q3: I am unable to understand the message again, What is required to run this binary ?.

@singh.punit1990 Unfortunately, this likely won’t be possible. We wrote up a support article about this incompatibility below.

The support article was written around a year ago however. As such, let me see if we might have any updates on that.

Sorry for the trouble with this! Although we don’t have the resources to support as many Linux distros as we would like (we’re a small team of 3 SW developers), there are a few more things to try to see if we can get this to work.

Most of these are documented here:

In this case, I think the --no-sandbox command line argument should get past this particular error. However you might run into more issues, please let us know if you do.