Alpha 5 connecting the HW

I’m not sure if I should expect only the demo to work, but I can’t seem to get the HW to be detected in Logic.

Here is what the command line says:
There’s something with my version of OpenSSL (I have 1.1.0j, 20 Nov 2018), but I thought that the point of appimages was to avoid such dependency issues?

I don’t have another instance of Logic running; after closing the app, ps aux | grep ogic gives nothing.

A dialog pops up about permissions (but running Logic shouldn’t require root privileges).

Is there a group I should be a member of, maybe?

Sorry for the trouble! Yes, real devices should work properly with the application (although there are some stability issues we will be addressing soon).

We haven’t started the “driver install” features for the new alpha software yet, which means the only way the app will work with hardware on either Windows or Linux is if the user already used the non-alpha software before and has installed the drivers (windows) or installed the udev rules file (Linux).

You mentioned a popup about permissions, that sounds like our application getting an access denied error when trying to access the hardware, which is normal if the udev rules file isn’t installed.

Thanks for the log. A lot of that output will be cleaned up as we deprecate and remove more and more components from the old codebase.

The offending line in the log is this:
RecoverableException: usb_claim_interface failed. -1 [ /home/travis/build/saleae/Logic/Source/LogicInterface/src/LinuxUsbDevice.cpp; LinuxUsbDevice; 28 ]

Have you used the hardware on this computer before, using the non-alpha software? If not, you probably haven’t installed the rules file yet.

To solve this, just download the production Linux software from and extract the zip file. Inside the Drivers directory you’ll find the udev rules file that allows our devices to be accessed without root permissions and an installer script,, which just copes the rules file to /etc/udev/rules.d/.

If that doesn’t fix it, let me know. Also test the production application with hardware to see if that works, and send its output so we can compare.

I just shot a message over to Joe so we can start planning the driver/udev install feature. Should be very simple.