A quick question about the automation code

I have a question in the analyzer option of Logic 2 automation code.

How can I uncheck the ‘Show in protocol results table’ and ‘Stream to terminal’ in the figure in the automation code?
I’d like to enhance the speed by uncheck those options.

@pangipark Unfortunatley, it doesn’t look like this is possible based on the sample application we wrote up (saleae_example.py) found below. I’ll double check with the team here if there might be a workaround.

 # Note: The simulator output is not actual SPI data
        spi_analyzer = capture.add_analyzer('SPI', label=f'Test Analyzer', settings={
            'MISO': 0,
            'Clock': 1,
            'Enable': 2,
            'Bits per Transfer': '8 Bits per Transfer (Standard)'

I see.
Thank you for your reply!

Hi @pangipark, if you’re seeing a performance increase from turning off 'Show in protocol results table’, it’s probably because you have the sidebar open. We have a known bug that while recording, the analyzer data table will refresh itself at maximum speed as long as new protocol results are being decoded - even if the data table is already full and nothing visually changes.

In the meantime, simply closing the sidebar will prevent this from happening.

The only thing 'Show in protocol results table’ will do when unchecked is that it will filter results from that analyzer out of the view. It does not prevent that analyzer from being indexed.

Please let me know if you notice the same performance improvement with the sidebar closed!

Actually I miss spoke in my last message. Technically what I described is correct, however the bug I mentioned where having the sidebar open hurts performance only applies while actively recording. Because the new automation API does not allow you to have analyzers while recording (they must be added after recording is finished) there should be no performance impact to having the analyzer sidebar open when using the automation API.

We still don’t think unselecting the options above should have a material impact on the performance when using the automation API. All the analyzer results will still get indexed, and that’s the vast majority of the work.